2 suicide bombings end 3 days of peace in Afghanistan Video

2 suicide bombings end 3 days of peace in Afghanistan Video

Transcript for 2 suicide bombings end 3 days of peace in Afghanistan

We head overseas and the fragile ceasfire shattered in Afghanistan. Two suicide bombings in tw days, dozens killed. This despite the cease-fire called for T religious holiday which ends at midnight. Government officials hoping to extend the truce. ABC senior foreign correspondent Ian panel is in kabul tonit. Reporter: It was a attering blow to three days of relative peace in afghani. A side bomb attack in the eastern city of jalalabad, killing at least 19, more wounded. But the last three days will be remembered not for war, but peace. An unprecedented ceasefire by the men of the white flag, the Taliban, here joining policemen, soldiers and civilians to celebrate the Eid holiday at the end of the holy month of Raman. This incredibldeo was unimaginable days ago when these twsworn enemies were trying to kill each other. A Taliban filter and an American trained Afghan special forces soldier, dancing. The government says it wants to extend the ceasefire. America backs it. Reporter: It’s hard to overstate the mood here on the streets of kul. People are relaxed. People are happy. The had three days of unprecedented ceasefire between the Taliban and the government, and people are starting to think perhaps it could last. It’s a great moment for people Afghanistan and it should be forever. Reporter: After 17 long and bloody years of war they deserve nothing less. Tom, in the last few hours the Taliban have said they wouldot extend the cease-fire and already we’re getting reports of a fresh wave of attacks on government forces. The people want peace and the want it now. The question is whether the Taliban can afford to ignore that? Tom? Ian, thank you.

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