Death of unarmed teen shot by police under investigation Video

Death of unarmed teen shot by police under investigation Video

Transcript for Death of unarmed teen shot by police under investigation

Next tonight here, the deadly police shooting in east Pittsburgh. Police are now reviewing cell phone video we have tonight, showing an unarmed 17-year-old shot and killed while running from a car. ABC’s Kenneth Moton in Pennsylvania. Reporter: Tonight, multiple law enforcement agencies are reviewing this video and these shots fired by police. Killing a teenager seen running from an officer in east Pittsburgh. They ran, boom, boom, boom. I said, oh, my god, I said, you shot them boys just for running. Reporter: Around 8:30 Monday night, investigators say police stopped this vehicle, a suspected getaway vehicle. The back window shot out. The driver of the vehicle was ordered out by the officer and directed to the ground. Two other occupants of the vehicle then bolted from the vehicle on foot. Reporter: Police say the officer fired on the two runners. One of them, unarmed 17-year-old antwon rose, hit three times. Pronounced dead at the hospital. Inside the car, investigators say they found two guns. They interviewed the 20-year-old driver, but later released them. David, we’ve just learned the officer who shot Antoine rose was sworn in last night, working his first shift with the department. He’s on paid leave, and officials here are calling for patience as they investigate. David? Kenneth, thank you.

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