Fast-moving wildfire forcing evacuations in the West Video

Fast-moving wildfire forcing evacuations in the West Video

Transcript for Fast-moving wildfire forcing evacuations in the West

Gosathat district by 70% in 2016. M? Kenneth, thank you. To the exeme weather across thentry. Firefighte btling through the night rth of losel the flooding after hurricane Florence, still an eme South Carolina. Antoorrential rains are moving from the south to the northeast. Eplames dartg through smoky skieover californ the chare inof Roh of los Ang, devouring 3,000 acre a tturs and St grow. Fire, spard urs ago. It’s a race against the clock. Firefighters dousing the flames from Abo a fire lines. The firefers on scene eyggtack and they’rdoty well. Reporr: Aeriaevealing the sheer ferocity of the blaze as it gulfs the hi. Resis told to T flames cloon homes. One little e-up here ll land sewhere else and her ace will flare up. Reporter: In the eace’s impacstill Bein felt across the Carolinas, with water as as the eycan see. Drone footage showing the swolleccamaw riv swallowing subdivisions near Myrtle, prompting uations. In city of cwa settg S to try to col the floong from reng vital hhw E river the record levels anill risingorast another two days. Tuntl rain triggering flash flooding in Scott Ty. What looks like river rapids rushing through this hborhood. This storm as it moves into thenortheast? For lexingtkentucky, ur times the Normal amount of rain. Looking for it in Tennessee, keky, louisvle. Tomorrow, CI Columbus, T. Thfirst fully of fall day, it will bey tomorrow. And is hurricane season, tropicirk way there, butoving a abo3 miles an hour, expted in the caribbean by the end of the week. We’lbe watching it Ely. Rob, thank you.

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