Outrage grows over video of cops beating unarmed man Video

Outrage grows over video of cops beating unarmed man Video

Transcript for Outrage grows over video of cops beating unarmed man

Now to that Arizona police force accused of using excessive force after several incidents were caught on tape. The unarmed black man seen in this violent beating is now telling his side of the story as Mesa police release video of yet another confrontation, this time involving a 15-year-old. ABC’s Marcus Moore has the story. Reporter: This morning, the unarmed black man seen in the surveillance video being beaten by police speaking out for the first time. I want Mesa to be held accountable for what they have done. Reporter: Mesa police releasing body cam videos showing their response to a domestic abuse at an apartment complex where they engaged Robert Johnson and his friend may 23rd. Watch as the friend complies with police. Grab a seat. But Johnson ignores the officers’ multiple requests to sit down. I ain’t gonna ask you again. Reporter: Police say he took a defiant stance against the wall so they move in and the fists start flying until he goes limp putting him in a headlock and ultimately taking him to the ground where they handcuffed him. You didn’t need to put all that force on me. Reporter: This is not the first time the Mesa pd has been criticized for their use of force. This is a culture issue, a police culture issue that has to change. Reporter: This morning new body camera video just released shows officers attempting to arrest a 15-year-old suspected of armed robbery. You try and move on me one more time going to You up. Where is the gun? No gun. Officer, call my parents. I’m sorry. I don’t have no gun. Reporter: Place say it was found in a backpack nearby then there was this incident in February, an 84-year-old grandmother left bruised. This blurred body camera showing an officer grabbing her by the arm and bringing her to the ground. Police say they were trying to protect her as they responded to a call about a man armed with a gun. And in the incident that happened at the apartment complex in response to that, the police chief in Mesa issuing special orders for police officers not to hit anyone in the face, head or neck unless that person is being aggressive towards the officers. Amy, the police chief expected to hold another news conference on these incidents later today. We will be waiting for that, Marcus, thank you.

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