Parents: Airline didn’t tell them children’s flight was diverted Video

Parents: Airline didn't tell them children's flight was diverted Video

Transcript for Parents: Airline didn’t tell them children’s flight was diverted

Next tonight, the children flyi from Iowa to orlandrted. E children wnt another . Theirparents say they were never told. Night, theais here, and here’s ABC’s osunsami. Reporter: Their parents are furiou 9-year-old carteay and his7-year-old sister Etta were flying as unaccompanied minors from des, Iowa, T Orlando on frontier airlines I julysched to land at 10:46 P.M. M ING for hours at the airport. My was keep ights fromding. And shtly night, the 9-year-old, usingnother kid’s phone,sagesather T he Andis sister are stuck in Atlanta, WHE the flight was died. Il the parents say, from frontier. Ihink W starting to, LI boil ove after every minute that was gng by. Reporter: At 4:23 A.M., the kidsext THA they’reow in a hotel with four other chdren, five boys left in one room and thein shared bed a 14-year-old he had jus met. All this time, the parents say th haven’t receive ae phone call, message or update om they say no one asked their permission to put the kids in a hotel. The children were flown home safely the next ING. Ant tonight frontier airlines says that they were waysended by one of their pervisors, ahe ildren we in contact with their mother beforehey WER moved. David? All right,, THA you.

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