‘Pink wave’ of candidates has camouflage tint with increase in female vets Video

'Pink wave' of candidates has camouflage tint with increase in female vets Video

Transcript for ‘Pink wave’ of candidates has camouflage tint with increase in female vets

There Haen much Ta of a pink wave coming to congre in 2018 as a record number women for office, but that pink wave may also have a Winn and Nate. The halls of capitol hill used to be filled W veteran 50 yea are than 70% of Ress had sve the military. Today it’s only 1 in 5, so will a new cropeterans reinforce the ranks of vets on capitol hill? I asked some of them this week how eir service wihape their approach to Washington. From Kentucky — N I was 12rs old, I knew exactly what I wanteddo when I grew up. Nted to fly fighter jets. To Texas. And tt’s me. An air force combat veteran and a mom. Thisr behind mis from my helicopter. O mpshire. Knew right away I wanted to be a marine. ATF the easiest CII ever mad To the winner of the Republican senate primary in Arizona thiseek — We need no double standards. Don’ I but N’t make easier on us either. — The first woman to fly in mb mcsally is 1 of more than 30 female veterans whve campaigd forgress this year. Your sce has been central to your campaign for Y do you T so many male vets at th time? I sve for 26 years. It’s my life. People grew tired of politicians and that’s why us veterans stpiuse we care our country and service and honor and sacrifice and getting the mission done. We saw that very to photo of yuting.o honor him in capital where we served together which feel so humbled to have done, render him that final salute was — it was pre diffict,imt R These female warriors are running traits leneom their mitary Servi. Courage, AUT integrity, that they think be effress as well. In Norfolk, Virginia, Elaine Luria is emphasis lessons learned her 20-year naval career. I’m sitting in the central Coron and operating eight nuclear reactors don’t turn to of the sails next tme and are you aemocrat? Are you a Republican? It’seat getting a mission done and I think, you hat experien of, you know, working together with all perspel nd accomplhing a missis that I as femaleetcollective feel we C take towashington. We, nly options to wor together. Congress could learn a thing or to at sea. — Two at a. You hav for an ad you raatlook like you’re ship. Doou regret G that ad? Notall. Spmy entire career S on Shi I was fortunate be among th first group of women who from the first day O my , had thpo to sce on combatant ships. It D’t hold war in my opion that one would criticize my record. Lynne blankenbeker running in new hampshhad her tary credentials ti as a nav E, W S combat provens he campaign slogan stated? I have been in the military fo years, anduring peacd in wartime, I was a combat nurse. Was not to GE or takehill, but my job to save the lives of those who were willing to make the ultimate crr all of us. And toughness, another eslearned fr serving, one that will serve emell on the campaign trail.

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