Tropical storm Gordon slams Florida Video

Tropical storm Gordon slams Florida Video

Transcript for Tropical storm Gordon slams Florida

And we begin with that breaking news. A hurricane warn justssued for theast. Oprm Gordon to be a Cory 1 hurricane. The storm pummeling south orida, clearing T beaches O this lay door withhose fiercnds, raining washing out roads. GHT, the storm track it heads out over the war WER the gulf. Some mos vulneble spots in therosshas. The concern tonight for the leans levy system. S victo Oquendo starts us of Reporter: Tonigh fast-moving trap came storm gordhing sou Florida. Wi gustsopping 50 miles per hour. Of co, they’re encouraging people to stay off roads if you don’t have to be out hereroads are really flooded. U have to drive super slow. Reporter: Police say O Dr losincontrol, crashing on I-95 in Miami. Rightnow, they’re not letting cars get onto I-95. Reporter: The driver did not survive this storm has been uta long, droppieveral of rain and arreally starting to pick up. Is time lapse video showing thf R moving through boca ran.her south, S famed beacmally packed with N labor day, deserted. Gordon now taking aim at the central gulf coast. Tral storm aur warnings stretching huned of Ith T risk of life-threatening surge. Outse N Orleans, residents loading up on fou don’t T any T storms lightly. Though I may not a hurricane. Reporter: And racing to fill ndbags. Sidents the mississ coast bra for impacoo. Parts the gf coastdy system submng streets in galveston, Texas. More T a half foot of R in some areas. All right, victorns U now from Miami beach, already facing Gordon. Now with the gin its sits arations uer way, a a warning there nose ling near the levy system ihe new leans area? Reporter: That’s an communities along the gulf C bracing for goon. In new orans, they alreadyprr a lot of wind and . And we’r seeing voluntary uations fo R ouid areased by T LE system. Tom? At, Victor Oquendo for us victorannger zee has been tracking Gordon all takes tgh the tram of this storm and ting and yt concern tot. Reporter: My biggest concern is rain wh thisystem, Tom. And we S the center of tropical storm Gordon just west ofhe pensu Florida. The heaviesinalling from Naples to ft. Myer you could see up to eig inchess going to race to the st-northwest and movhrough the gulch, inteying. Uld become category 1 hurricanefore it makes ll.late tuesd night, more likely Y wednesda mog. The heaviest of the rain going to fall I between gulf port and bill LE. Wind will gust above 75es R hour. By the time we watchsday T, it Wil have already made itsay wellland and the moisture will mixeady inundate the midwest that’s been Hird. We’ll Bebout Thi through the midweek and beyond. M? Gulf

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