Warren Buffett’s words of wisdom Video

Warren Buffett's words of wisdom Video

  • Now Playing: Warren Buffett Takes On Donald Trump Over Tax Returns

  • Now Playing: Warren Buffett on Taxes and the Debt Commission

  • Now Playing: Obama: Warren Buffett ‘So Thrifty’ I Gave Him a Tie

  • Now Playing: The story behind this back-to-school photo will warm your heart

  • Now Playing: The Village Voice is shutting down

  • Now Playing: Warren Buffett’s words of wisdom

  • Now Playing: San Francisco approves motorized scooters

  • Now Playing: ‘ER’ actress fatally shot by police

  • Now Playing: Death toll climbs to 8 in devastating New Mexico bus crash

  • Now Playing: Former Marine accused of making 42 ‘enhanced’ bombs

  • Now Playing: Naked alleged carjacker runs across highway after leading police on car chase in LA

  • Now Playing: Uber driver feels guilty over ‘stand your ground’ shooting

  • Now Playing: News headlines today: Aug. 31, 2018

  • Now Playing: Man accused of impersonating doctor at children’s hospital

  • Now Playing: 6-foot lizard terrorizes family in their backyard

  • Now Playing: 100-year-old skydiver wanted to jump before getting ‘too old’

  • Now Playing: Death toll climbs in Greyhound bus crash

  • Now Playing: Pregnant woman who killed intruder faces charges

  • Now Playing: 1 of 7 fierce female chefs setting a place at the table for women in the industry

  • Now Playing: ‘What Would You Do’: Pharmacy assumes black woman uses fake coupon

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