What’s in the travel ban? Video

What's in the travel ban? Video

  • Now Playing: State Dept. spokesperson clarifies ‘bona fide relationships’ under partial travel ban

  • Now Playing: Limited travel ban to take effect

  • Now Playing: Supreme Court allows parts of Trump’s travel ban

  • Now Playing: What’s in the travel ban?

  • Now Playing: Police defend use of Taser on 12-year-old boy

  • Now Playing: DNA from chewing gum leads to arrest in teacher’s 1992 murder

  • Now Playing: Boy Scout in tent killed by falling tree

  • Now Playing: Wrong Red Hen getting tarred and feathered over Sarah Sanders controversy

  • Now Playing: Are digital devices weapons of domestic violence?

  • Now Playing: Trump’s tariffs prompt fear of trade wars as Harley Davidson makes plans overseas

  • Now Playing: Fire captain’s death in shooting at senior home was an ambush: Investigators

  • Now Playing: Crews battle more than 50 wildfires burning across the West

  • Now Playing: What it’s really like for families who make it across the border

  • Now Playing: Trump doubles down on immigration stance and draws support at South Carolina rally

  • Now Playing: Harley-Davidson looks abroad for production

  • Now Playing: Police dog sniffs out $10 million worth of drugs

  • Now Playing: Serena Williams wants Wimbledon ‘to change’ seeding rules for new moms

  • Now Playing: Smugglers at the border

  • Now Playing: Inside a facility for migrant children

  • Now Playing: Fire captain murder suspect ID’d in California at shooting senior living facility

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